Bag and Leather Repair

Crocodile leather repair

Antique ‘doctors bag’ crocodile leather

Bag repairs and re-dye

Bag restoration and dying service

Cosmetic case before and after being restored

Cosmetic case restoration

Chanel leather bag colour restoration

Chanel colour restoration

Recovered, relined, new fittings, vintage case

Recovered, relined, new fittings

Bag and Leather Repair

Do not throw away your favourite bag or leather item without checking with us if it can be repaired. We also restore vintage items and can make custom design adjustments such as changing lining materials or adding more functional clips. We will provide honest advice, an appraisal on what is required and a fixed quote to repair or restore.


  • Stitch or repair bag handles or straps: from $50
  • Replace bag handle or strap: from $60 each (leather)
  • Replace bag hardware such as bag closure, lock, ring, clasps or clips: (price to be confirmed)
  • Bag recolour or dying: from $120-$250 (note: not all leather can be re-dyed successfully so need to see the item to confirm job)
  • Bag zipper replacement: from $100
  • Backpack and large bag zipper replacement: from $150
  • Backpack stitching repairs: from $50
  • Bag zipper repair: from $50
  • Bag lining repair or replacement: from $200
  • Bag design changes: (price to be quoted)
  • Suitcase (soft cases only) and cosmetic case repairs: (price to be quoted)
  • Belt shortening: from $50
  • Belt stitching or gluing: from $50
  • Belt buckle replacement: from $50 (choose from our selection of quality buckles or you can bring your own)
  • Stitching to leather or vinyl accessories such as gloves, wallets, books, watch bands etc.
  • Note, minimum price for all accessory repairs $50
Quality bag locks, rivets and hooks

Selection of quality bag locks, rivets and hooks

Handbag repair and restore

Travel bag or handbag repair and restoration

Vintage leather case rejuventation

Vintage leather case remodel

Hard case restoration

Case restoration

Bag lining replace

Replace bag lining

crocodile skin bag repair

Crocodile bag

retro small red case refurbish and repair

Small red case