Our new location and new products

November 2018 Newsletter

Much has happened since our last newsletter.

We have moved from North Sydney to a studio at 2/50 Spit Junction Mosman.
Opening hours vary but generally:
Mon to Wed: 9-2.30
Friday: 9-4.30
Saturday: 9-2.
Other times by appointment. If you are coming from afar, best to call / SMS to confirm..

From the Designer

Casual sporty, leather sneaker

We have been trialling designs for our version of a casual/sporty shoe that looks great and can be worn for longer walks with comfort. We have settled on a couple of designs for our custom range at lower price points (i.e. the design is ours but you choose colours/leathers/soles) although you can opt for our bespoke option such as the golf shoes pictured below.

For our casual/sport designs, the uppers are made with heavier leather whilst foam insoles and soft rubber soles are used under the feet to emulate a sneaker but without the unattractive thick soles. Like all our footwear, they are made to last many wears and are repairable.

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Bespoke leather golf shoe with spike soles
Bespoke leather golf shoe with spike soles

From the Cobbler

Leather and shoe care products

Now that warmer weather has arrived, if you are going to pack away your winter boots, we recommend they be cleaned and thoroughly conditioned with a good leather cream.  Do not store leather footwear in plastic long term and consider inserting cedar shoe trees into boots/shoes to help preserve shape and absorb moisture.

Whatever the season, we recommend leather footwear be cleaned and conditioned once every 3 months depending on wear, and finished with a shoe polish to restore colour whilst providing a protective coating.  We stock a quality range of footwear accessories including leather care from Saphir, Collonil and Leatherique.

From our Studio

In addition to shoes, we design and make belts, bags, watch bands, dossiers and a variety of leather accessories. Commission us to make something just for you or a special gift.

And remember to look after your feet!

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