Shoe Repair

refurbish and recolour service

Handmade and dyed all-leather boots

Shoe Repair

Have your shoes repaired and restored by expert Shoemakers and Cobblers. We will give you an honest appraisal and in most cases, quote a fixed price to complete the work using quality materials.

We use Topy and Vibram rubber products and high quality Italian and German JR (Jrendenbach) leather soles. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal.


  • Rubber cover sole in variety of colours (Topy or Vibram): $50
  • Men’s heel replacement: $50
  • Women’s heel replacement: from $25 stiletto – $35 large heels
  • Half sole replacement rubber or leather: from $90-$110
  • Full sole replacement rubber or leather and stitched where required: from $120-$140
  • Half/Full sole replacement with heels (20% discount when done together)
  • Heel block repairs: (price to be quoted)
  • Heel block secure: from $30 each
  • Heel block replacement or heel recover: from $140
  • Shoe colour change / shoe dying: from $100
  • Buckles or strap elastics replaced: from $30 each
  • Shoe counters replaced: from $35 each
  • Shoe design changes: from $50
  • Insole replacement from $30 pair
  • All repairs for RM Williams boots including half and full sole replacement, welt and sole stitching, gusset elastic replacement, heel counter replacement etc.